Eco-friendly wood pellet biomass boiler manufactured in Germany by SOLARvent - Made in Germany   In times of rising energy prices (price comparison gas-oil and pellets) many people seek an alternative so that they can be independent of fossil fuels. We want to show, how you can heat very easily with wood pellets in a simple and comfortable way. With an inexpensive Smart pellet biomass heating system, which you can purchase in the UK directly from SOLARvent, you can heat your house very cost effectively. A SOLARvent Pellet Biomass Boiler made in Germany has the great advantage that you can use this technology to heat your property in much more environmentally friendly way, compared to oil heating.  The best pellet heating from Germany with iQtouch and Internet remote maintenance is just good enough for this. What is the cost to purchase a good pellet boiler? Many also wonder what does a pellet biomass boiler or what does a pellet heating cost? Our online quote calculator gives you a fast answer on questions such as: cost pellet boiler, pellet biomass boiler price, complete wood pellet biomass boiler, woodpellet boiler. SOLARvent, supports a very good price / performance ratio and can even often be more effective and cheaper than a pellet boiler of Windhager  / Eta or other competitors such as Buderus, Ökofen, KWB, Paradigma, Gilles, Hargassner, Guntamatik, Viessmann, Windhager or Eta. SOLARvent offers a pellet biomass boiler from Germany for under 8.500 GBP with Internet remote monitoring and a large color touch panel. A comparison against the boilers offered by others e.g., Eta, Ökofen, KWB, Gilles, Windhager or Buderus will show the benefits. The heating of SOLARvent may be a wood pellet heating system, or could also incorporate a solar heating system, which using solar panels collects the sun's energy directly. In conjunction with a solar thermal collector, a pellet central heating system can work effectively and thus efficiently. Take advantage of our free biomass experts advice. Compare our price / performance. You have the opportunity to test the pellet heating system as well as the touch panel control live, on line. Ask us for a live demonstration. Clever alternative to heating with oil and gas, use biomass pellets and reap the benefits. Everybody knows, that it is cheaper than oil, but the fact that wood pellets are recession-proof, is less well known. Wood pellets come from local forests.  The price increases for wood pellets are very low – but for oil and gas, the inflation rate is disproportionately high and cannot be calculated. The wood pellet heating system thus conserves your pension and is also a type of pension coverage. Here you can check out our solar collector systems, as well as further information about our pellet bag silo, pellet storage room technology and as well as our wood pellet heating systems.
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SOLARvent is a German manufacturer of wood pellet boilers based in Southern Lower Saxony. We are looking for Distributors all over Europe, especially in UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Please contact us if you are interested. We take delight in providing our customers with cost-effective, innovative, economical heating systems with our 365 days worry-free package. Our iQ 3.0 pellet biomass boilers are very easy to use, thanks to the built-in colour touch panel and Internet remote maintenance. SOLARvent is a system provider. We combine various heat sources, efficiently into a modern and economical heating system. Our iQ 3.0 pellet biomass boilers are EN 303-5 certified.
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We are looking for distributors in several European countries. If interested, please contact our management.