Pellets for Wood Pellets Boiler
iQ 3.0 Pellet Biomass Boiler Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
A very large power output range Highest efficiency Barely measurable emissions Simple touch panel controls
Benefits IQtouch
Efficient heating - thanks to the  iQ partition burner  Our patented iQ partition burner provides constant power modulation giving the highest efficiency across the output range. For the important part-load, which is by far the most frequent operating range, it is up to 98% efficient. This high efficiency is achieved as the burner air is always supplied with combustion air in the right place by the intelligent 3-way air distribution system in conjunction with a lambda probe.
Simple one finger operation concept Due to the large 5.7" colour touch panel on the pellet boiler, it is extremely easy  to control the entire heating system. With just one finger, the touch screen is intuitively operated. Through different user rights (Secured password) different users can be defined with different rights.
Pellet storage room Find out about the may possibilities for pellet storage.
Pelletlager Bunker Schellinger Pelletmaulwurf Silo Tank
Flexible boiler output The SOLARvent iQ 3.0 pellet boiler, has a huge performance range from 4.7 up to 30 kW. This is due to the innovative partition burner, making it suitable for domestic or commercial applications. One pellet boiler - three output sizes – which can at any time be changed by software key from 4.7 to 15.6 / 20 or 30 kW - anything is possible.
iQ 3.0 with integrated status notification via email Each SOLARvent iQ 3.0 pellet boiler will inform you and our customer- service by email of any malfunction with your pellet boiler. Our remote maintenance technicians will attempt to resolve the issue directly. Should this not be possible, you will be informed so that we can work together to solve the problem.
SOLARvent iQtouch Biomass Boiler with status notification via eMail SOLARvent iQ partition burner Remote maintenance included
Clean burning - barely measurable emissions By combining our innovative partition burner with a modern lambda sensor a highly efficient and very clean combustion is achieved. The current test results according to EN 303-5:2012, demonstrate the clean and nearly dust-free combustion. The iQtouch wood pellet boilers of course meet the strict requirements of the HETAS / MCS Scheme as well as the requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive RHI. The emissions are signifcantly under the RHI limits.
Fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning 16 Cleaning springs - also called turbulators – Clean the entire heat exchanger automatically up to twice daily. Thus, the efficiency of the boiler remains high. Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger surfaces is particularly important. Our modern cleaning system carries out this task very efficiently.
SOLARvent iQtouch wood pellets biomass boiler emission values oxygen O2 Lambda sensor
Output range: IQ 150 4,7 to 15,6 kW IQ 200 4,7 to 20,0 kW IQ 270 4,7 to 30,0 kW Cascade execution: 2x IQ 270 4,7 to 60 kW 3x IQ 270 4,7 to 90 kW 4x IQ 270 4,7 to 120 kW
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Automatic burner flap cleaning iQ 3.0 The programmable automatic burner cleaning flap allows convenient operation of the iQ 3.0 pellet. The cleaning cycle is adjustable according to the needs and the pellet quality. A regular automatic cleaning can be after a preset combustion duration. The cleaning flap can be automatically opened and closed for maintenance by key pressure. The entire cleaning process is realized via a Belimo MP-BUS drive, which provides a permanent status feedback. This technology allows a fully automatic cleaning condition assessment and logs in to the operator when service is required.
Partitionsbrenner iQ 3.0 mit geöffneter Reinigungsklappe Belimo MP-BUS Antriebsmotor für Brennerklappenreinigung
Picture "Belimo MP-BUS-drive" - Source Belimo Picture "NGK Oxygen Sensor" - Sourche NGK
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iQ 3.0 RHI biomass wood pellet boiler
iQ Touchpanel with Internet Remote Control
230 L / 160 kg pellet fuel store
M-Bus eMetering
Electronic boards
Dosing Auger
Burn back protection
Stoker Auger
Automatic pellet burner cleaning system
Automatic heat exchanger cleaning system
100 mm Insulation
Tubular heat exchanger with spiral Turbulators and cleaning springs
Stainless Steel chamber tube
Big 26 L Ash Box
Variable 3-way iQ Partition Burner (patented)
High Efficient heat exchanger
20 mm Interior insulation
75 mm Boiler door insulation
Internet remote maintenance and control   The iQ 3.0 pellet boiler is accessible worldwide via the Internet. Through a built-in Ethernet Network, the system is connected to the Internet router. Through a password-protected connection it is possible to have worldwide access via PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Android and many others. Remotely, you see the same screen of your boiler, as you see when standing in front of the boiler. With this function, our 365 days customer support can assist you when ever you need help.
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