IQtouch Biomass Boiler Remote Control via iPad
Remote maintenance / remote control  It is reassuring to have everything under control
Highest operational reliability No unnecessary travel expenses Tip Cost-effective Customer Service Quick problem solving
Benefits remote maintenance
iPhone, iPod, Smartphones Why do you not carry your boiler controls in your pocket? You can have complete control of your boiler with you at all times. Switch the heating on remotely, because you have come back from your holiday sooner than planned. Or just check how many pellets are still in the store. The sun is shining. How many kWh of energy has the solar system saved today? This and much more will inspire you!
iPad, Galaxy Tab, Tablet PC You sit in the living room and want to check the status of your pellet boiler? No problem.   Take your Tablet in your hand and connect to your iQtouch boiler.
Windows PC, Mac, Linux You are on a business trip and have your laptop with you. You can connect to your pellet boiler of course simple with every PC, Mac or Linux operating system. Enjoy the unlimited freedom. All you need for worldwide access is a device with Internet access. It's that simple.
Internet remote maintenance  Through our Internet remote maintenance we will guarantee that you receive a first class customer service.  You do not have to explain, at length on the phone, what the problem is. We can see online and know what the problem is. In most cases we can remotely solve the problem. If not we can explain to you how to fix it and watch to ensure that the fault is fixed.
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Direct Internet remote maintenance - which is faster customer service Your SOLARvent customer service department via the internet, can provide full remote maintenance. At anytime they can have access to your heating system and can therefore adjust your iQtouch control and solar system remotely, fix any setting errors, check components, perform software updates, and much more. This gives peace of mind. For technical questions, the customer service within seconds from a distance, can obtain an overview of your system and provide accurate advice and assistance.   This Customer Service is free for the first 5 years!
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